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Fractionated (Fraxel) Skin Treatment – Pixel Laser Skin Resurfacing at SoundShapes: Skin & Body Rejuvenation Center of Boston’s North End


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Alma Laser’s FDA approved Fraxel / Pixel Laser is one of the most amazing lasers on the market globally and yields some of the most incredible results of all possible skin treatment lasers available. At SoundShapes of Boston’s North End, we are consistently amazed by the results. Pixel Laser & Fraxel Lasers are a specialized and customized laser skin rejuvenation treatment that can dramatically reduce the signs of aging as well as treating the appearance of pores, fine lines, post ace hyper-pigmentation, acne scars, facial scars, wrinkles, sun damage, and uneven skin-tone.

Fraxel laser / Pixel Laser skin resurfacing is a true breakthrough in laser technology. After several years of studies and mounting evidence of the laser’s safety and effectiveness, the FDA has cleared this unique new laser to treat the following conditions:

Facial Wrinkles

Acne Scars

Age Spots/Brown Spots

Melasma (Mask of Pregnancy)

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Fractional laser resurfacing at our Boston North End Laser Center has the amazing benefit of requiring only one treatment to achieve the results of 3 to 5 fractional erbium laser treatments, but it requires a 3 to 7 day downtime where you will need to apply ointment to the skin so you will need to take off from work. A fractional CO2 laser is better than an old fully ablative CO2 laser because the older style CO2 laser had a high rate (as high as 10% in some studies) of scarring and loss of the natural color of the skin (hypopigmentation) and had a recovery time that could take 6 weeks to 3 months. Pixel skin resurfacing treatments have been performed worldwide and continue to be a safe and effective way of rejuvenating your skin.

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Who is a good candidate for Fraxel / pixel skin rejuvenation? All skin types are suitable for Fraxel skin resurfacing treatments. Anyone (men and women) who shows signs of aging have poor skin tone and texture, has pigmentation, acne scars, facial scars, fine lines or wrinkles. Pixel is a remarkably effective collagen inducing procedure, it is excellent for early anti-aging intervention and general skin refining to yield incredibly more youthful looking skin.

How many Pixel / Fraxel laser treatments are needed to yield the results I want? Each individual is different. One’s age, skin issue concerns and areas of damage help determine how many treatments are necessary. To gain optimum results three treatments are generally recommended though many patients only need one treatment. Our experienced staff will help to determine how many sessions are needed.

The Benefits Fractionated Skin Treatments (Fraxel) with Pixel Laser at Sound Shapes Skin & Body Rejuvenation Center of Boston’s North End includes:

Eliminates acne blemishes

Remove age spots

Dramatically improves and oftentimes eliminates acne scars

Dramatically improves and oftentimes eliminates surgical scars

Significantly reduces wrinkles

Improves fine lines

Drastically improves skin tone

Removes sun damaged skin

Removes broken capillaries

Reduces the risk of skin cancer

Eliminates brown spots and any skin discolorations

Drastically improves skin tone

Little or no downtime (depending on your case)

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