Laser Hair Reduction

Laser Hair Reduction in Boston’s North End

For the best results in laser hair reduction, SoundShapes Spa - A Skin & Body Rejuvenation Center of Boston’s North End use the advanced FDA approved Alma Laser hair reduction technology: “Cool Tip Laser Hair Reduction” (the gold standard in laser hair reduction). Alma lasers are recognized as one of the most efficient and effective laser systems on the market globally. Delivering unmatched results in laser hair reduction – we offer both men and women (of all ethnicities) who desire best in class laser hair reduction – lasers that provide safe, fast, and comfortable hair reduction treatments.


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What parts of my body can be treated with laser hair reduction? Alma Lasers for laser hair reduction are FDA approved for laser hair reduction treatments on all areas of the body except the immediate area around the eyes. When you want hair reduced from large body areas or areas such as your legs, arms, chest, back, pubic region, face, underarms, toes, or neck, SoundShapes: Skin & Body Rejuvenation Center of Boston’s North End will perform these laser hair reduction treatments safely, quickly and easily, combining the precise accuracy and long-lasting quality.

Laser Hair Reduction for Women


Laser Hair Reduction is now a well-established treatment alternative to electrolysis, shaving, waxing and depilatory creams, for all skin types, ethnicities, and hair types. Laser Hair Reduction treatments are the safest and quickest method for hair reduction.

If you have naturally dark hair and dark skin you can still benefit from laser hair reduction treatment, however additional treatments may be required to achieve satisfactory results.

Laser hair reduction is safer and the preferable method to other treatments such as shaving and avoids the risk of “Shaving Bumps” and ingrown hairs. Other hair reduction treatments such as Cream Depilatories can cause chemical burns, whilst Waxing requires hair growth that really misses the point and purpose of hair reduction. Laser hair reduction is safe no matter which areas are being treated because the Laser does not pass beyond the second layer of skin (dermis) where the hair follicles are.

Laser for Men


Laser Hair Reduction is a great solution for men. At SoundShapes Spa of Boston’s North End, many of our clients are men seeking Laser Hair Reduction as a safe solution that is an alternative solution to avoid the pain and repetition of other hair reduction methods including frequent shaving, regular waxing (which gets very expensive) and hair reduction creams.

At SoundShapes, our experience is that most men are seeking hair reduction treatments to remove hair from the large areas of their body such as the back, chest, and legs. Unwanted back hair and thick or excessive chest hair can be uncomfortable and embarrassing.

Men who dislike shaving their face will benefit from laser hair reduction on their beard area (lower face and chin). In addition to eliminating the need to shave their face every day, laser hair reduction will also prevent irritation and the development of folliculitis, a condition often experienced by men where one or more hair follicles become inflamed or consistently irritated from shaving.

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