COVID-19 Updates

COVID-19 Updates

To Our SoundShapes Clients

Our dedicated team here at SoundShapes wants to thank our customers for all of their support. We know the last few months have been a challenging time for everyone and we appreciate your continued loyalty as we all try to navigate the “new normal”. Although a lot has changed since we closed on March 23rd, it’s challenged us to rethink how we connect with our clients. The health and safety of our clients, employees, and community remain of the utmost importance as we prepare to reopen our business. We will be updating our business hours weekly. Updates can be found on this page. 

Since the start of this public health crisis, we have looked forward to seeing things get back to normal. Although “normal” may not be what we are familiar with, there are important steps we all must take in order to move forward. Here at Sound Shapes, we have been working hard to put in place science-based protocols built off of advice given by healthcare experts so that we can make your experience a safe one. We can’t wait to see you all again but “business as usual” is going to be a little different. We plan to move forward cautiously, thoughtfully, and well-informed so that you can visit us with plenty of peace of mind. Please find below our new services offered and a guideline for what to expect for your appointment.

What To Expect For Your Appointment


Please come to your appointment alone. Wear a face covering that covers your face and nose, and limit your personal belongings to your keys, phone, and wallet. Check-in for your appointment by calling us at 617-367-1900 where we will ask you some prescreening health questions. Once it is confirmed that you have not had any COVID-19 symptoms and are properly wearing face covering, we will take your temperature with a no-touch thermometer.


All staff members will be wearing the proper personal protective equipment (PPE) which includes gloves, masks, and face shields. You will be asked to sanitize your hands upon entering and then directed to your treatment room as we have temporarily closed our waiting room for physical distancing reasons.  


Payments will now be touchless to minimize contact. There have been plexiglass installed at the checkout for everyone’s safety.