Laser Treatments

Laser Hair Reduction

Laser hair reduction treatments can be applied to all areas of the body except around the eyes. It offers long-lasting results for problem areas such as the armpits, bikini lines, chest, or back areas.

Celluma LED Light Therapy

Celluma LED light therapy corrects damaged skin for a radiant complexion. Using specific wavelengths of light, celluma’s technology kills P-acnes, reduces inflammation, and minimizes lesions. Clearer skin can be observed in as little as a few weeks following treatment.

Laser Resurfacing Treatments

Here at SoundShapes, we offer three types of laser resurfacing treatments: Intense Pulse Light (IPL) laser treatment, Pixel laser treatment, and ClearLift.

Laser Tattoo Removal

The laser tattoo removal treatment is an effective option for removing unwanted tattoos on any area of the body. Several sessions may be needed in order to fully remove the tattoo. During the treatment, the laser emits pulses of light to break up the pigment of the tattoo.