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Xeomin: The Natural Sister to Botox

If you have ever looked at the frown lines between your eyebrows and considered how to reduce their appearance, you probably have come across Botox in your research. Perhaps, you are uncertain about this one non-surgical option you have. Actually, a natural Botox alternative exists. Xeomin is considered to be the natural version of Botox because it only contains one ingredient: botulinum toxin A.

How Does Xeomin Work?

Clinical trials suggest that Xeomin showed more improvement in patients’ faces than the placebo. Like Botox, Xeomin is injected into the area to be treated. The procedure takes about 10-20 minutes. Your dermatologist may use a topical component (but no anesthesia) or a cold pack to reduce swelling at the injection site. The toxin in Xeomin, the same as in Botox, contracts the muscles from moving, thereby reducing the moderate to severe frown lines or glabellar lines. You will start to see the smoothing out of the lines you dislike so much as quickly as three to four days with the ultimate result appearing at the end of the first month. The effects of Xeomin come on a bit more gently than they do with Botox. You can expect your new rejuvenated look to last about three months (six months maximum), similar to the length of a Botox treatment. As a result, you need to undergo this treatment on a regular basis in order to see the results you desire.

Is Xeomin Safe to Use?

The FDA approved the usage of Xeomin in 2011. Despite most patients’ tolerance, Xeomin does have side effects, usually in the vein of an allergic reaction, including rashes, redness, swelling, and wheezing. The most common side effect is a headache. Because Xeomin contains a toxin, that toxin may spread to other areas, and you may experience muscle weakness, drooping eyelids, or vision impairment. It’s important to talk to your dermatologist right away if you experience any serious side effects. You should also tell your dermatologist about current health conditions and medications before you consider Xeomin.

Should You Try Xeomin or Botox?

Xeomin is a newer form of treatment than Botox. Ultimately, the difference lies in their substance composition. Xeomin does not have the added proteins that Botox has. These proteins can increase your risk of developing a resistance to the botulinum toxin under certain conditions, including the use of higher Botox dosages and very frequent treatments. This risk of resistance is not a common occurrence. At the end of the day, there is little difference between the two wrinkle-removing options. However, if you are on the search for natural remedies for wrinkles, Xeomin is the closest natural Botox alternative you will find that isn’t a food item in your kitchen — like olive oil, ginger, and bananas.

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